Goshala at Sreemath Hariharapura

“गावो विश्वस्य मातरः” The Vedic tradition respects and worships cow as the universal Mother Goddess. Every product from the cow - the Go-Mutra (cow’s urine), cow dung, cow milk, etc possess religious significance as well as high medicinal properties. “गवां अङ्गेषु तिष्टन्ति भुवनानि चतुर्दश" It is recorded in our ancient texts that the holy cow is the embodiment of all Gods and Goddesses, the entire universe indeed. Worshipping cows bestows one the Punya of performing Pooja to the Gods and Goddesses of the entire universe. But, sadly, during recent times, cows that are meant to be worshipped are cruelly slaughtered. The increasing rate of cow slaughter and beef export is a very depressing and shocking truth prevailing in the present days.

annadanam at sreemath hariharapura

To protect and nourish cows, Sreemath Hariharapura maintains a Goshala by name “Brindaavana Goshaala”, where cows whether barren or old, young or milking, calves or infants - ALL are nourished and taken care under best medical facilities. A veterinary doctor along with a dedicated care taker has been appointed to nurse the cows. The expanse of Sreemath’s Farm serves as a grazing field for the cows apart from the hygienic and disciplined food provided at the Goshala. Presently, there are about 80 cows in this Goshala, located about a Km from Sreemath. It is interesting when the caretaker lovingly introduces each cow/calf by names.

Jagadguru AdiShankaracharya in His Prashnothara Maalika firmly registers that a cow is Maatru Swaroopa. It is indeed our most important duty to take good care of cows. Devotees can donate a cow to Sreemath’s Goshala or extend support in the maintenance of cows. For details please visit SEVA PAGE