Our sacred Sanatana Dharma accords a very high priority to SriChakropasana. According to Vedic scriptures, the mere sight of the SriChakra annihilates all physical, mental and spiritual Doshas and leads to all round prosperity. SriChakra Pooja sharpens and refines the intellect of an individual and also cleanses mind and heart. Spreading goodness everywhere, it assures an individual’s welfare both in the immediate environment and beyond. It delivers one from all worldly impediments and leads to the ultimate Moksha.

Our Vedic texts mention it to be very effective to perform/participate in SriChakra Navavarana Pooja on the full moon days (Poornima). The energy radiated during SriChakra Aaradhana is magnified manifolds during Poornima day. It is said that performing SriChakra Pooja on the day of Poornima is immensely powerful and grants all desires.

Participate in the Poornima SriChakra Pooja of Sreemath

It is a well known legend that Sri Adi Shankaracharya Himself consecrated the SriChakra Yantra and installed the deity of Sri Sharada Parameswari at Hariharapura. The Peetadhipathis of Sreemath Hariharapura have been very eminent Srividyopasakas of high order, performing SriChakra Aradhana on a daily basis for the sole purpose of Loka Kshema. Since the time of Sri Adi Shankaracharya, the SriChakra Navavarana Pooja has been the Nithya Pooja tradition followed at Sreemath, and is being performed to this day by our revered Jagadguru MahaSwamiji.

With the grace of the Supreme Mother, it has been arranged such that devotees can take part in the SriChakra Navavarana Pooja performed by MahaSwamiji on every Poornima day. Devotees can participate in the “POORNIMA SRICHAKRA POOJA” at Sreemath for one calendar year by paying Rs.5000/- (for overseas 100$), along with their Rasi, Nakshatra, DOB, etc details. On every Poornima day, the Pooja will be performed in the devotee’s name and Prasadam for the same will be couriered / posted to their residence.

Participating in such intense worship of Srividya, that too the Pooja tradition established by Sri Adi Shankaracharya Himself, blesses one with all kinds of material and spiritual development and also assures the welfare of future generations.

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